Taft College Committees

Taft College Committees

Below you will find a list of committees on campus as well as their latest updates.

Welcome to the Taft College Committee Hub. Here you will find a list of committees on campus as well as their latest updates. If your committee is missing from this list please contact the Web Coordinator for assistance.

Academic Development

Academic Policies

Access Committee

October 14, 2022
Published 11/15/2022 in Access Committee

Accessibility Oversight Committee

Campus Safety & Security

Career Enrichment Committee

Career & Technical Education

Curriculum and General Education

September 1, 2023
OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT OF INSTRUCTION CURRICULUM AND GENERAL EDUCATION COMMITTEE   Memorandum TO:                         Curriculum and General Education Committee Bandy, A. Bledsoe, B. Devine, D. Daugherty, S. Eveland, J. Farmer, D. Garza, M. Mayfield, T. Mendoza, M. Oja, T. Payne, J. Rangel-Escobedo, K. Richards, ASO Representative, and PTK...

Distance Education Committee

May 8, 2023
Published 5/9/2023 in Distance Education

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Dual Enrollment Committee

Facilities Committee

May 16, 2023
Published 5/16/2023 in Facilities Committee

Faculty Association

TCFA 102622
Published 10/27/2022 in Faculty Association

Governance Council

Hall of Fame Committee

October 11, 2021
Published 9/22/2021 in Hall of Fame

Information Technology Committee

Professional Development Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Steering

Student Success