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The Academic Development Committee is dedicated to enhancing student success and increasing persistence and completion of pre-collegiate students through but not limited to personal and career counseling, tutoring, and a strong, cohesive basic skills program. Moreover, the committee is devoted to the ongoing improvement of basic skills by anticipating new trends in the area of developmental education, keeping abreast of current research and best practices, and coordinating with faculty and other support professionals at Taft College in order to make effective decisions that lead to a clear pathway for basic skills students to meet their educational, career, and life goals.

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Minutes and Agenda – 2020

Date Title
09/16/2020 Academic Development Committee Agenda
08/17/2020 Academic Development Committee
08/17/2020 Academic Development Committee Minutes


Position Name email
Member Danielle Kerr
Member Diane Jones
Member Dr. Windy Martinez
Member Janis Mendenhall
Member John Eigenauer
Member Kamala Carlson
Member Lori Sundgren
Member Lori Travis