Minutes March 30, 2020

Minutes March 30, 2020

Title: Minutes March 30, 2020
Date: 03/30/2020

Taft college Academic development committee minutes

Monday, March 30, 2020

3:00 p.m.

Remotely by Zoom

Members present: lori s., dr. lori travis, Dr. windy martinez, joe’ll chaidez, kamala carlson, danielle kerr, heather hansen, janis mendenhall

absent: amble hollenhorst


Call to Order

Public Commentary

Action Items

  1. Approval February Minutes (3 minutes)

Janis made a motion to approve the February minutes, Kamala seconded. All approved.

  1. Continue Charter update and request approval of final changes. (12 min.)

Committee continued to revise our charter to make it more relevant in the AB 705 era. Kamala made a

motion to approve final revisions. Lori T. seconded. Lori S. will type agreed upon revisions and send to

Academic Senate Council.                                                                                                                          ACTION


  1. Information item – Apportionment update (10 min.)

At the last meeting, the thought was to devote the entire March meeting to apportionment. However, after

having a conversation with the Academic Senate President, it was determined that this is not the place of this committee.

Old Business:

  1. Data request update. (5 min.)

Lori S. shared that she did submit a data request to IR in February. It is the request that looks at who is receiving tutoring vs. who is not, out of the students in their first math or English class.

New Business:

  1. Information Item –

Academic Senate Council Data Request (25 min.)                                                                                    INFORMATION

The Academic Senate President has submitted a data request to IR and has requested that the ADC take a look at it and report findings back to the Academic Senate. This is a request looking at the impact of AB 705.


Discussion Items

  1. None




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