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The Academic Senate

The Academic Senate of Taft College represents the faculty of the Taft Community College District. Our primary function is to make recommendations with respect to academic and professional matters.

Our purpose is to represent the District’s faculty in negotiations with the Board of Trustees and in the development and implementation of all college-wide policies and procedures of interest and concern to the faculty, to strengthen the role that faculty plays in the governance processes, to participate in the process of developing the educational philosophy along with the objectives, plans, and budgets of the District and to provide a forum for the faculty to discuss, debate, and formulate formal faculty opinions and resolutions both on academic and professional matters and on other issues of concern.

Senate Committees

The Academic Senate has established committees, composed of Taft College faculty, administrators, staff and students. Our operational committees are responsible for performing the academic and professional duties and responsibilities of the Senate. Finally, our Ad Hoc Committees are temporary committees formed to address specific issues or tasks that do not fall under the purview of another standing committee.

Upcoming Meetings

Academic Senate


11:10am to 1pm

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Dr. Sharyn Eveland

Email | (661)-763-7866 | Lib office 336

Dr. Vicki Jacobi

Email | (661)-763-7719 | Lib office 323

Kelly Kulzer-Reyes

Email | (661)-763-7929 | Bldg. G office 2E

Academic Senate Council Members

Position Name email Phone Office
Vice President Dr. Vicki Jacobi (661)-763-7719 Lib office 323
Secretary Kelly Kulzer-Reyes (661)-763-7929 Bldg. G office 2E
President Dr. Sharyn Eveland (661)-763-7866 Lib office 336
Past President Geoffrey Dyer (661)-763-7724 Bldg. G office 7B
Member Bill Devine (661)-763-7883 Bldg. G office 5B
Member Dr. Amar Abbott (661)-763-7977
Member Dr. Greg Golling (661)-763-7932 Bldg. S office 5L
Member Dr. Jennifer Altenhofel (661)-763-7728
Member Dr. Lori Travis (661)-763-7726
Member Dr. Michael Jiles (661)-763-7717 Bldg. G office 6B
Member Kanoe Bandy (661)-763-7779 Gym
Member Kristi Richards (661)-763-7813 Adm. Bldg. office 111

Meeting Dates

Academic Senate Council

Monday, August 17, 2020 *10:10 to 11am In-service

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

October 21 2020

November 18 2020

December 16 2020

January 12 2021 In-Service Tuesday 9:10am

February 17 2021

March 17 2021

April 21 2021

May 19 2021

Academic Senate

Fri, August 21, 2020  *11am  to 1 pm for In-service

Monday September 14, 2020

October 5 2020

November 2 2020

December 7 2020

January 15 2021 In-Service Friday 11:10am to 1pm

February 1 2021

March 1 2021

April 5 2021

May 3 2021