2019_10_16 Senate Council Agenda

2019_10_16 Senate Council Agenda

Title: 2019_10_16 Senate Council Agenda
Date: 10/16/2019

Taft College Senate Council Agenda

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Cafeteria Conference Room

Call to Order

Public Commentary

Action Items

  1. Approval September 18, 2019 Minutes (Attachment to Follow) (3 minutes) ACTION


  1. Lunch & Learn Topics (VPI and Dean) INFORMATION

Forwarded to the Professional Development Committee.

  1. Distance Education Committee Charter INFORMATION

Returned to the DE committee with recommendations from Senate Council discussion and links to asccc.org DE community.

  1. Distance Education Form (Director of DE) INFORMATION

Forwarded to the Curriculum Committee for action.

  1. Senate subcommittees and Brown Act requirements INFORMATION

Public posting of Agendas is required for all subcommittees of the Academic Senate. The Committee websites are available with limited content. Agendas posted to the committee sites, if named using the convention (see attachment) will auto-populate to the Academic Senate webpage. Contact Jason Zsiba for passwords and training.

  1. Process for Charters and Forms Approvals INFORMATION

Official Academic Senate documents guide and inform many functions of the institution.  Recognizing which documents, among multiple versions, is the officially recognized document decreases confusion and contention among stakeholders.  Official documents also provide connection across the institution that are referenced in official guides.  Timeliness of updates and validation of changes affects the accuracy of these guides.  Committee charters are used to update and ensure accuracy of the Governance Guide.

Old Business

  1. Administrative Procedure 7120 Recruitment and Hiring Procedure draft ACTION

The VP of Human Resources has created AP 7120 to document the recruitment and hiring procedures.  The new AP includes sections specific to faculty roles in the recruitment and hiring processes, areas with specific Academic Senate responsibilities.

Update: This AP is returned to the Senate Council following a series of meetings between Academic Senate President, VP of Human Resources, and Superintendent/President in which the concerns expressed in the last Senate Council meeting were addressed.

Action requested:  Review for reconciliation with concerns by the Senate Council members (see attachments re: summary of initial meeting with VP of HR; minutes of September 18, 2019 meeting), review and forward to Senate of the Whole with recommendation(s) for action.

New Business: Assignment of Responsibility for Development and/or Recommendation to Senate of the Whole for Action

  1. Repository for Official Academic Senate Documents ACTION

Identifying the current, approved version of committee charters is impeded, as there is no single, institutionally recognized repository for documents approved by the Academic Senate.

Action requested: Formally adopt the N-drive as the repository for officially recognized charters and other Senate documents.

  1. Develop and Adopt a Timeline for Charters Approvals ACTION

No clearly defined timeline existed for formal recognition of Academic Senate subcommittee charters.  A timeline would provide clear guidance to committee chairs for the regular review and submission of charters to the Senate for formal recognition.

Action requested: Develop and document a timeline for review and submission of charters to the Senate Council for approval.

  1. Resolutions for Debate and Possible Adoption at Fall Plenary Session ACTION

Drafts of proposed resolutions are available for review prior to the Fall Plenary session of the ASCCC.  Although all proposed resolutions are important to the functioning and direction of the Academic Senate, not all resolutions of necessarily equal in priority to the Taft College Academic Senate.

Actions requested:

1) A brief review of the proposed resolutions by category is requested in which the Senate Council selects categories for deeper review.

2) Review of the proposed resolutions in selected category(ies),

3) Forward to Senate of the Whole with recommendation(s) for action.

Note: All proposed resolutions will be forwarded to the Senate of the Whole for consideration and possible action. Recommendations from the Senate Council shall be provided only for those identified by the Senate Council for special focus.

Discussion Items

  1. Upcoming Items
    1. Committee Membership – having enough representatives to be effective or at least meet the charter numbers (i.e. 3 identified faculty positions, 1 person with 3 hats)
    2. Meeting Committee Responsibilities in relation to 10+1 – effectiveness and member knowledge?



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