2019 09 18 Senate Council Agenda

2019 09 18 Senate Council Agenda

Title: 2019 09 18 Senate Council Agenda
Date: 09/18/2019

Taft College Senate Council Agenda

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

12:00pm to 1:00pm

Cafeteria Conference Room

Call to Order

Public Commentary

Action Items

  1. Approval April 29, 2019 Minutes (Attachment to Follow) (3 minutes) ACTION

New Business: Assignment of Responsibility for Development and/or Recommendation to Senate of the Whole for Action

  1. Lunch & Learn Topics (VPI and Dean) ACTION

The VP of Instruction and Dean of CTE, in collaboration with the Academic Senate President, have proposed a professional development series for newly hired faculty.

Action requested: Review and approval – forward to the Professional Development Committee

  1. Distance Education Committee Charter ACTION

The DE committee has reviewed the Charter and recommends approval of the revisions (attachment) and by the Academic Senate.

Action requested: Review for alignment with Senate responsibilities/need, forward to Senate of the Whole with recommendation(s) for action.

  1. Distance Education Form (Director of DE) ACTION

The Distance Education Committee submitted a form for approval and use in the Curriculum approval process.

Action requested: Review and approval – forward to the Curriculum Committee for action

  1. Administrative Procedure 7120 Recruitment and Hiring Procedure draft ACTION

The VP of Human Resources has created AP 7120 to document the recruitment and hiring procedures.  The new AP includes sections specific to faculty roles in the recruitment and hiring processes, areas with specific Academic Senate responsibilities.

Action requested:  Review for alignment with defined Senate responsibilities (see attachment re: Title 5 subsection 53203 Powers), recommend revisions and forward to Senate of the Whole with recommendation(s) for action.

Discussion Items

  1. Goal(s) for 2019-2020 Senate Council
  2. Senate subcommittees and the Brown Act requirements

Posting of Agendas is required for all subcommittees of the Academic Senate

Posting on Academic Senate webpage

  1. Reorganization of work processes:
    1. Shared drive for Senate Council – in development
      1. What goes there
      2. File naming conventions
    2. Other possibilities for managing a growing number of responsibilities:
      1. Consent Agenda for Senate-of-the-Whole Action Items?
      2. Resource site for Guided Pathways associated work/initiatives?
  • Resource site for OEI-CVC associated work/initiatives?
  1. Other ideas?
  1. Upcoming Items
    1. Committee Membership – having enough representatives to be effective or at least meet the charter numbers (i.e. 3 identified faculty positions, 1 person with 3 hats)
    2. Meeting Committee Responsibilities in relation to 10+1 – effectiveness and member knowledge?
    3. Proposed Process for Charters and Forms Approvals
    4. Accreditation Steering and Sub-Committees
      1. Role of Faculty in Accreditation



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