2021_05_03 Academic Senate meeting

2021_05_03 Academic Senate meeting

Title: 2021_05_03 Academic Senate meeting
Date: 05/03/2021



MONDAY, May 3, 2021

12:10PM TO 1PM

Zoom: https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/99028769871?pwd=aWd1WGRtSkl6cmErU3hMemNWaWZ2Zz09


Call to Order

Roll Call (3-minutes)

Public Commentary

Action Items

  1. Approval of Minutes April 5, 2021 Meeting (2 min) ACTION

Information Items

  1. Superintendent/President Update (5 minutes) INFORMATION
  2. Status update for Academic Senate (1 min) INFORMATION

Action Items

  1. ACCJC Taft College Institutional Self-Evaluation Study (ISER) – Approval Recommendation to Board of Trustees (2 min) ACTION
  2. Recommendation of Approval for Dual Enrollment Course Offerings WKCCD/TUHS 2021-22 MOU (3 min) ACTION
  3. AP 7211 – Faculty Service Areas, Minimum Qualifications, and Equivalencies (3 min) ACTION
  4. Distance Education Accessibility Plan (A. Bledsoe) (3 min) ACTION

Information/Discussion Items                                                                               NO ACTION

  1. Strategic Action Plan Indicator Update 2019-2020 (X. Li) (3 min) Report
  2. Strategic Action Plan 2021-2024 – Highlights (X. Li) (3 min) Information
  3. Resource Allocations Impact Update from 2018-19 as documented in 2020 (X. Li)(3 min) Information
  4. Committee Report: Curriculum & GE Progress on Senate Recommendation #5 (V. Jacobi)(3 min) Information

Recommendation #5: Evaluation and discussion of all courses’ “diversity of representation and culturally responsive content” as part of regular curriculum review.

  1. Committee Report: Faculty Professional Development Progress on Senate Recommendation #2 (R. Payne)(3 min) Report

Progress on Recommendation #2 – …anti-racism education related topics be included as flex opportunities, including in-service activities or individual flex activities, for TC faculty on an ongoing basis.

  1. AB 705 State Report Overview for Taft College (X. Li)(3 min) DISCUSSION
  2. ASCCC Leadership Academy – An Adjunct’s Experience (R. Clemmons)(5 min) Report
  3. Committee report: Distance Learning & Education (A. Bledsoe)(3 min) Report

 Open Forum for Announcements                                                                          NO ACTION


 Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Friday August 21, 2021 from 11AM to 1PM

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