Faculty Professional Development Committee Meeting

Faculty Professional Development Committee Meeting

Title: Faculty Professional Development Committee Meeting
Date: 04/14/2021

Faculty Professional Development Committee Agenda

April 14, 2021

Speaker: Deb arranging will confirm with her

  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Minutes from March 10, 2021
  3. Finalize May In-Service Ideas (May 24-26, 2021)
  4. August Inservice- (August 16-20, 2021)
  5. Other
  6. Next Meeting: May 12, 2021, 12:10pm, Zoom meeting ID: (Ruby will send pw in email or use link below)














Faculty Professional Development Committee Agenda April 14, 2021

Members Present:

• Ruby Payne, Tina Mendoza, Chris Taylor, Mariza Martinez, and Julian Martinez Members Absent: Leslie Minor, Wendy Berry
Guests: None

• Meeting started: 12:10pm
Approval of Minutes from March 10, 2021

• Minutes Approved
Finalize May Inservice Schedule (May 24-26, 2021)

Ruby shared the topics that were going to be presented by DE staff. Julian asked about the new Quizzes in Canvas and requested Ruby share with Marianne again the need for this training. This led to a conversation and suggestion to reach out to BC for some possible training next May. Tina shared that she was currently taking one and would be taking the others over the summer and suggested that maybe we could see if they would offer a condensed three day with one day for each course topic. The group felt this was a great idea. Tina will reach out and we will revisit the topic in the Fall to assure it will be in place by May.

Ruby shared the topics listed in the training catalog that were available from SISC and the group identified the ones they wanted to request. Ruby will work with Tiffany in HR to learn how the requests work and will coordinate trying to secure the topics, times, and presenters. Ruby will try to get as many as possible arranged.

Possible Topics: The New Normal; Compassion Fatigue; Health/Well Being in the Workplace; Science of Habits; Power of Positive Thinking; Art of Listening and Giving Feedback; 5 Buckets Principles; Critical Thinking; How to Take the Edge off Giving Feedback; Emotional Intelligence PT1/PT2

August Inservice Schedule (August 16-2, 2021)

Ruby shared the problematic things for the August in-service without the coordination from HR for support regarding committees, trainings, and other classified meetings. Ruby stated this will be improved each year but may not be as smooth the first couple of times.

Ruby shared the standard meetings: Convocation, TCFA, TCFCBC, Divisions meetings, Academic Senate, Faculty Reports, Student Service Updates (2), EEEO, Electronic Timesheet training, SLO Day/training, Planning Day. Ruby shared what is problematic is that many of the standard committee meetings are not faculty led and she does not

have the authority to direct those individuals. Ruby will continue to research and best find out how to address this moving forward.

Chris Taylor asked about a 1-hour pedagogy round table discussion around creating SLO assessments.
Ruby mentioned interests shared in requesting possibly some Adobe Acrobat PRO training and that the DEI topic will be important as well.

Julian shared faculty want some training on the new Canvas Quiz feature from DE.


The group agreed that we needed support from the instruction office as was given by Tiffany from HR being on the committee. Tiffany took the minutes and coordinated with others regarding meeting times, interest, and availability offerings as not to conflict with ALL FACULTY required meetings. Ruby shared that she will speak to Leslie about who in instruction will be provided to support the Faculty Professional Development Committee.

Next Meeting: September 8, 2021, 12:10pm, delivery to be determined but if Zoom meeting Diane will send pw or use link in email

Meeting Adjourned: 1:00pm

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