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Budget Committee

The Budget Committee’s primary role is to:

(1) Monitor budgetary issues;
(2) Inform the Governance Council of available resources for new positions and programs;
(3) Inform the Governance Council regarding budgetary issues.

Agenda & Minutes


Position Name email Phone Office
Chair EVP & CFO Brock McMurray bmcmurray@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7811 -
Member Amanda Bauer abauer@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7853 -
Member Cliff Watts cwatts@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7751
Member Dr. Leslie Minor, VP Instruction lminor@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7871
Member Jennifer Altenhofel, PhD jaltenhofel@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7872 -
Member Joy Reynolds jreynolds@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7971 -
Member Shelley Getty sgetty@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7960
Member Sheri Horn-Bunk shorn-bunk@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7936 -
Recording-Secretary Justin Madding jmadding@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7727 -