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Campus Safety & Security


  • Serves as the central focal point to examine campus security and safety issues and responsibilities
  • Provide a forum for input from all campus constituents and helps ensure integrated safety and security programs, procedures, rules and laws are followed
  • Receives input, investigates current crime trends, current campus safety and security issues, develops new policies and procedures, and analyzes past events for potential improvement
  • Provides recommendations including campus training opportunities

Upcoming Meetings


Heather del Rosario

Email | (661)-763-7809 |

Kevin Altenhofel

Email | (661)-763-7872 |

Agenda & Minutes

Date Title
03/10/2022 March 10, 2022 Minutes
02/03/2022 February 3, 2022 Minutes


Position Name email Phone Office
Co-Chair Heather del Rosario hdelrosario@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7809
Co-Chair Kevin Altenhofel kaltenhofel@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7872
Member Abbas Jarrahian ajarrahian@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7777 Faculty
Member Angelissa Garza (661)-763-2282 Student Representative
Member Angelo Cutrona ACutrona@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7832
Member Bill Norris bnorris@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7818 Bookstore
Member David Reynolds dreynolds@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7965 Faculty
Member Gustavo Gonzalez ggonzalez@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7924
Member Mark Gibson mgibson@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7837 Information Services
Member Myisha Cutrona MCutrona@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7887
Member Richard Treece Rtreece@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7768 Planning & Facilities
Member Robin Polski rpolski@taftcolle.edu (661)-763-7835 Faculty
Member Xiaohong Li xli@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7978