November 11, 2021 Minutes

November 11, 2021 Minutes

Title: November 11, 2021 Minutes
Date: 11/11/2021
  • Old business
  • Discuss goals for the committee
  • Examine the idea of having “safety walks” through campus as part of the duties of the committee
  • Other business as needed

Meeting held via Zoom

Members Present: Kevin Altenhofel, Angelo Cutrona, Myisha Cutrona, Heather del Rosario, Mark Gibson, Abbas Jarrahian, Li Xiaohong, Robin Polski 

Members Absent: David Reynolds, Vince Maiocco, Julian Martinez, Richard Treece, Bill Norris 

Recorder: Kevin Altenhofel 


  • Meeting was called to order at 9:02 am 
  • Heather announced changes in Charter were accepted with one minor change 
  • Recorder will be assigned on a per-meeting basis by Heather 
  • Safety walks discussed — looking at areas of campus for items of concern, and speaking with people who work in those areas 
  • Myisha suggested starting with Student Center because it’s new 
  • Kevin suggested CDC or G Buildings/Gym because they’re older and away from the center of campus 
  • Heather suggested splitting up the safety walk-throughs so half of the committee could look at one area and the other half could look at a second area each month. 
  • Heather to assemble checklist assembled from best practices 
  • Mark brought up traffic flow and entry/exit issues at north end of Lot B as something for the Committee to examine 
  • Kevin mentioned the Committee members should be acting as Safety Ambassadors on campus 
  • Angelo asked for clarification as to the troubleshooting process when Ash Dorm electronic locks malfunction. He suggested hardwiring the electronics for the gates (rather than batteries and wireless Ethernet signals) and reverting back to physical keys for dorm rooms.  
  • Heather stated repairing these items appeared to be more a Facilities issue.  
  • Adjourned at 9:33 am 
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