Student Success – Agenda February 12, 2015

Student Success – Agenda February 12, 2015

Student Success Committee Meeting
Thursday, February 12, 2015
2:10 pm – 3:00 pm
Cougar Room

Promote a campus-wide culture that fosters and supports student learning, access, success, goal completion, and institutional effectiveness.


1. Review and analyze college student success data.
2. Develop broad, comprehensive strategies for improving student success.
3. Analyze and understand the common barriers and momentum points that students experience.
4. Use data to identify patterns of demand to inform schedule building to support student goal completion.
5. In conjunction with the Access Committee, form a workgroup to complete the Student Success and Support Program Plan and Student Equity Plan.
6. Report to the Governance Council and other college committees regarding issues relating to student success. Make appropriate recommendations to the Governance Council.

I. Approval of Minutes

II. Committee Goals

  • Coordinate the development of the SSSP plan with the Student Equity Plan
  • Develop a research agenda and review initial data/research (understand, and establish foundation)
  • Identify initial goals and outcomes for continued research

III. Strategic Plan

IV. Completion by Design

V. Training
February 27th: GC Retreat: Speaker: Brad Phillips
March 20th: Manuel Pastor—all day

VI. Next Meeting
Thursday, March 12th

Student Success Committee Agenda-Feb 12 2015