Title: 10-2-19
Date: 02/19/2019

Taft College Dual Enrollment Committee

 Agenda for Wednesday, October 2, 2019

12:10 p.m. 

Cougar Room

  1. Approval of the Minutes from September 4, 2019
  2. TC/DEC Charter (for reals this time)
  3. Dual Enrollment update
  4. Dual Enrollment Faculty and Student Handbooks
  5. Other
  6. Next Meeting – Wednesday, November 6



Minutes – Taft College Dual Enrollment Committee
Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Attendees:  Greg Golling, Diane Jones, Caroline Schoneweis, Tammy Sutherland, Darcy Bogle, Vicki Jacobi, Kristi Richards, Leslie Minor, Jessica Grimes, Ruby Payne, Tori Furman and Bill Devine

Minutes were approved for the 9/4/19 meeting

  1. TC/DEC Charter

The committee reviewed the charter and recommended a few minor edits which are highlighted in the attached charter document.

  1. Dual Enrollment Update

Tammy asked for an update regarding Caroline having access the Canvas shell of the psychology course in order to monitor the progress of the high school students. The current instructor is not comfortable with giving access to the Canvas shell. Leslie is researching ways to create separate groups in the Canvas shell that would allow Caroline to have real time access. Currently the instructor is providing Caroline with progress reports as requested. Vicki updated the committee regarding our interest to have the special admit students broken into dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment groups. Currently special admit students are flagged but IR would need a list of dual enrollment courses in order to report the data. Darcy mentioned that she had created a special attribute “HSCP” (high school concurrent program) which might need to be updated to “HSDP” (high school dual program) and if a list of students were given to Mireya she could assign the attribute and a report could be run showing the dual enrollment numbers versus the concurrent enrollment numbers. Tammy will work with Darcy to attribute the students for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. Tammy also has given Jeanene the times and instructors for the two sections of English 1600 which will be offered during the Spring 2020 semester.

  1. Dual Enrollment Faculty and Student Handbooks

The committee discussed the dual enrollment student/parent and faculty handbooks that had been created several years ago by another committee. The Dual Enrollment committee had concerns about keeping the handbooks updated with timely and accurate information. The committee decided that the current information given to the students and parents is sufficient and there is no need for the student/parent handbook. Leslie stated that the information included in the dual enrollment faculty handbook could be added into the TC Faculty handbook. The committee agreed that there is no need for an additional dual enrollment faculty handbook. Jessica also reminded the committee about the possibility of the high school providing links on the TUHS website to the TC website relating to dual enrollment policies.

  1. Other

Darcy reported that she worked with Harold so that instructors will be notified if they have students who are minors in their courses. The notification will be sent after the census date each semester.  Vicki recommended that the committee look at the dual enrollment data in early September and early February to make scheduling recommendations. Leslie asked if there is an interest in offering any of the management course listed in the CCAP agreement. Greg will send a copy of the CCAP agreement to the committee members and the committee will discuss at our November meeting. Leslie will bring snacks to the next meeting.


Next meeting – Wednesday, November 6, 2019, at 12:10pm in the Cougar Room

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