October 30, 2012 Minutes

October 30, 2012 Minutes



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cafeteria Conference Room

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Members Present:   Adrian Agundez, Brock McMurray, Carla Sandoval, Claudia Casagrande, Craig Johnson, Greg Hawkins, Mike Capela and Sonja Swenson.

Members Absent: Jeff Ross, Patti Bench and Ron Errea.

Ad-hoc Member(s): Jose Vargas

Others Present: Debbie Hegeman, Recorder


The minutes from our September 11, 2012 meeting were reviewed and approved.




Student Center:

The Student Center is currently in the Design Phase. Meetings have been held with the College’s Student Center Committee and Design is overall 95% complete. Working drawings have also been started and are in process. The current anticipated construction start date is summer of 2014 pending completion of the Dorm project. Subsequent meetings have been held with Bookstore to revise design. (See attached floor plan).



Dorm Modernization:

Working drawings are at DSA being reviewed for DSA code compliance. Hopefully they will be back by December so we can go out to bid. The first phase on the Dorm project is scheduled to start during the second quarter of 2013 pending TIL Center completion. The construction of the dorm project will run through the summer of 2013 for fall 2013 occupancy of Phase 1. Phase 2 will then follow for an overall project completion of January 2014 for Spring Semester use.


PROJECTS IN CONSTRUCTION: Center for Independent Living (TIL):

The Center for Independent Living project has progressed to approximately 65% completion through September 2012. The project is currently on track to be completed middle of February 2013.

Current project status and anticipated progress for this September :

o Building 700 – Main Building:

  • Complete all system rough installations – Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing.
  • Install exterior enclosures in order to begin interior drywall finish – roofing, exterior skins.


Continue to work on planters and concrete flatwork adjacent to building.

Facilities Committee Minutes

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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o Building 800 – Dorm Units:

  • Complete all system rough installations – Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing.
  • Install exterior enclosures in order to begin interior drywall finish – roofing, exterior skins.
  • Start site work planters and concrete flatwork adjacent to building.

o Building 900 – Student Lounge Building:

  • All underground utilities are complete.
  • Contractor will be grading site and concrete flatwork is scheduled to begin this month.
  • The contained underground planters are also continuing this month along with the steel trellises.



The Facilities Master Plan is almost complete. The plan will include past projects that have been completed using Measure A money, the current projects and those that are waiting approval. The next step will be to prepare a Facilities Master Plan covering 2017 and beyond.


Brock informed the committee that he and Dena are continuing to look at possible solutions to our landlocked situation. We do own the property where the old motorcycle shop was however it is too small to accommodate any of our current needs.


You may recall there were several drill sites that the college made offers on. Brock informed the committee that the college was able to purchase two of those sites.


  • Regarding Student Center Design; suggestion was made to increase size of staff dining; questions related to changing room instead of restroom off Bookstore; concerns related to location of copy room and access.
  • Vocational building is the next project on the states list. It needs to be connected to the campus.
  • The Technology Building could be moved up on the list since it will house more labs and classrooms.


Respectfully submitted:


Debbie Hegeman