September 10, 2013 Minutes

September 10, 2013 Minutes


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Cafeteria Conference Room

Members Present:   Brock McMurray, Carla Sandoval, Claudia Casagrande, Craig Johnson, Mike Capela, Sonja Swenson and Darcy Bogle.

Members Absent: Adrian Agundez, Greg Hawkins and Jeff Ross

Ad-hoc Member(s): Jose Vargas and Marisa Slayton

Others Present: Debbie Hegeman, Recorder



Center for Independent Living (TIL): The Center for Independent Living project is complete. AP is working with the Contractor to complete the project closeout documentation and all loose ends related to construction. TIL staff have taken occupancy of the buildings and students are currently living in the dorm units.

Dorm Modernization: The Dorm Modernization Project was approved at the August 14, 2013 Board Meeting. The College received 7 bids, with the lowest responsible bidder being Black/Hall Construction from Taft. Pending Board approval of the lowest bidder, construction is estimated to start towards the middle of September and is scheduled to complete towards the beginning of fourth quarter 2014.


Student Center: Construction documents are in process. Meetings are being held with committee members for plan development. Internally, AP Architects is coordinating design between all project consultants. The current anticipated construction start date is end of fourth quarter 2014 pending completion of the Dorm project.


STEM Tech Center: This project was put on hold for the summer. The committee will restart programming meetings in the coming weeks.



Vocational Center: The Vocational Center project is an approved Final Project Proposal (FPP) at the Chancellor’s office. The project consists of 19,787 assignable square feet (ASF); which consist mostly of laboratories and some office space. This project will be considered for funding on the statewide general obligation bond in November 2014. The project is extremely completive and should have a great chance at being funded. Based on this assumption, construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2016.

Facilities Committee Minutes

Tuesday, September 10.2013

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Vocational Center

19,878 ASF

$24,526,000 total project cost ($2,419,000 Local)

Scheduled to be funded as a FY 14/15 project (provided there is a statewide GO Bond in 11/2014)

Project score – 159 (perfect

Technology Center

25,200 ASF

$27,210,000 total project cost ($543,000 Local)

Scheduled to be funded as a FY 15/16 project (provided there is a statewide GP Bond in 11/2014)

Project score – 152 (perfect)


Field Sports – $33 m+ (district match could be 2% – 5%)

Future Projects in Fusion:

Instructional Center – 9,250 ASF – $10.5M+ (district match could be 2% – 5%)

Gymnasium Modernization/Expansion – remodel existing and add approx. 10K ASF – $22M+ (district match could be 2% – 5%)

Library Expansion – 14,465 ASF – $17 M+ (district match could be 2% – 5%)

Student Service Expansion – 11,000 ASF – $12M+

Respectfully submitted:


Debbie Hegeman