September 23, 2014 Minutes

September 23, 2014 Minutes


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Members Present:   Adrian Agundez, Brock McMurray, Carla Sandoval, Claudia Casagrande, Craig Johnson, Darcy Bogle, Jose Vargas, Kent Miller, Marisa Slayton, Mark Williams, Mike Capela, Sonja Swenson, Stacie Rancano and Debbie Hegeman as recorder.

  1. Review Minutes from May 13, 2014 Minutes from our meeting on May 13, 2014 were approved by consensus.


  1. Dorm Modernization Phase one was completed in time for the students to move in for the fall 2014 semester. Phase two has been completed and the punch list created. Anticipated completion date is October 20th.


  1. Prop 39 updates/Deferred Maintenance Jose Vargas with AP Architects distributed two documents recapping our schedule for Prop 39 and Deferred Maintenance dollars (copy located on the Intranet). The 2013/2014 Prop 39 Energy Projects encompassed retrofit of the lighting in and outside our gym. This project was mostly done during September 2014 and is 80% complete. Several projects have been identified for the 2014/2015 funds. The projects include the HVAC Controls at the gym, G-Mods, CDC Mods and LED retrofit for site lighting. Scheduled Maintenance funds received in 2013-14 had a one to one match. The project from 2013/2014 funds will be the chilled line replacement in the alley behind the Science building. This project will be matched with funds from the Student Center project. For year 2014/2015 there will be more work on the PGE electrical service upgrade, the gym HVAC, the gym roof and gym interior.
  2. STEM AP staff recently met with Paul Blake to complete the working drawings for DSA approval. We will need final approval from Paul for the layout, as well as Adrian for the electrical data. Target to receive Board approval for this project is the 2014 November or December board meeting.


  1. Student Center Documents have been received back from DSA and AP staff is working diligently to address all of DSA comments. Jose informed us there is a possibility of us using the LLB delivery method on the Center. We will need to begin the bid process once the method has been finalized and we have the final approval from DSA.


  1. Other Items of Concern
  • Science Building roof drainage – check to make sure water from the gutter hits the down spout.
  • Question about broken lights in the alley behind Library. Will they be repaired?
  • Designated place for breastfeeding.


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