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Governance Council

The College Governance Council is primarily responsible for setting the vision, mission, and long-term goals of the entire college as well as identifying college level outcomes as measurements toward those goals. In all its actions, the Council must place the highest value on building communication and trust with the entire college community, and in using consensus to reach its decisions.


Position Name email Phone Office
Member Adam Bledsoe (661)-763-7781
Member Bill Devine (661)-763-7883
Member Debbie Rios (661)-763-7769
Member Dr. Damon Bell (661)-763-7810
Member Dr. Todd Hampton (661)-763-7811
Member Dr. Xiaohong Li (661)-763-7978
Member Heather del Rosario (661)-763-7809
Member Juana Rangel-Escobedo (661)-763-7898
Member Justin Madding (661)-763-7727
Member Kanoe Bandy (661)-763-7779
Member Mike Mayfield (661)-763-7759
Member Renae Ginther (661)-763-7824
Member Tina Mendoza (661)-763-7860
Member Vacant – Classified Representative (661)-763-7767
Member Vacant – Management (661)-763-
Member Vacant – Student Reprepresentative (661)-763-7711
Co-Chair Brock McMurray (661)-763-7710
Co-Chair Dr. Sharyn Eveland (661)-763-7866