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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Steering Committee

The Student Learning Outcomes team assists faculty and staff in the development of student learning outcomes, effective authentic assessment, and analysis of data with thoughtful considered improvements to courses, programs, and services with a culture of evidence and on-going dialogue. The SLO team values the culture of inquiry, integrity of the data, and the academic freedom of faculty to determine the best method for student learning and success. The SLO team houses and coordinates the assessment efforts as described by each unit, division, program, service, and course area.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Steering Committee

As a standing committee of the Academic Senate, the role of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Assessment Steering Committee (SLOASC) is to act as the central body for articulating polices on SLOs, and targeting SLO assessment activities intended to increase student performance competencies as a result of Taft College’s courses, programs, and degrees, and provides support and resources for assessment activities. Specific tasks of the committee include the following:

  • Publish the most current SLOs in a location that is visible and accessible to students, the public, staff, and all faculty (including adjunct faculty).
  • Promote knowledge and expertise in assessment of SLOs at Taft College.
  • Identify and target existing assessment of SLOs at Taft College in key programs in advance of Program Review.
  • Using the current accreditation standards, identify areas to improve the college’s progress in student learning outcomes and take action to move the college forward in using assessment data for decision making.
  • Act as representatives of faculty in the area of SLOs at Taft College.
  • Protect academic freedom of faculty in the creation of SLOs and assessments of SLOs.
  • Ensure faculty involvement in developing SLO processes, which are mutually agreed upon between the Taft College Board of Trustees and the Taft College Academic Senate.
  • Establish and facilitate assessment practices that are meaningful and will improve SLO assessments.
  • Facilitate, promote, and integrate assessment practices that are not only meaningful, but easy for faculty to participate in.
  • Facilitate follow-up activities for improvement based on completed SLO assessments.
  • Identify and help provide appropriate resources for assessment activities.
  • Give input to the Strategic Planning Committee, the Curriculum and General Education Committee, and Academic Senate on the role of SLOs.

Meeting Schedule

The SLOASC meet for one hour, once a month, during the fall and spring semesters. Some of these meetings will occur with divisions, based on their schedule and availability.

Structure of the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Steering Committee

  • The SLOASC is chaired by the SLO Coordinator.
  • The SLOASC follows the college model of approval by consensus.
  • The Chair is responsible for reviewing minutes, processing requests, and building agendas and briefs in advance of monthly.
  • The SLOASC Secretary is responsible for recording minutes and entering changes to documents.

The committee as a whole will draft policies, guide college-wide action, and identify and provide resources as appropriate to the culture of Taft College and accreditation standards.

 Voting Membership

  1. SLO Coordinator
  2. A Division Chair, Co-chair, or designee to represent each division on campus (to represent division interests)
  3. A faculty representative from the area of Student Services
  4. A representative from the Academic Senate (may be one of above)*
  5. A representative from the office of Institutional Research (to feed assessment data to Program Review)

Non-Voting Membership

  1. A student representative (If Available)
  2. Vice President of Instruction or designee

At least one member from the above should be thoroughly familiar with the existing processes of the Curriculum and General Education Committee. At least one member from the above should be familiar with the existing processes of the Governance Council as they relate to SLOs and Program Review.

*All appointed faculty members are representatives of the Academic Senate.

Agendas & Minutes 2022

Date Title
05/03/2022 May 3, 2022
04/05/2022 April 5, 2022
03/01/2022 March 1, 2022


Position Name email Phone Office
Member James May (661)-763-7735
Member Kamala Carlson (661)-763-7825
Member Krystal Allikas (661)-763-7831
Member Lourdes Gonzalez (661)-763-7830
Member Mallori Rossi (661)-763-
Member Paul Blake (661)-763-7736
Member Terri Smith (661)-763-7817
Chair Tina Mendoza (661)-763-7860