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Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee’s primary role is to:

  • Oversee the Strategic Planning process
  • Facilitate long-term strategic planning, including but not limited to the integration of the Educational Master Plan, Facilities Plan, Safety Plan, and Technology Plan
  • Assess program plans and program goals for consistency with strategic plans and goals
  • Monitor and reports on strategic indicators
  • Monitor compliance with Accreditation and serves as the Accreditation Steering Task Force during comprehensive evaluation



Position Name email Phone Office
Chair Xiaohong Li – Vice President of Information and Institutional Effectiveness xiaohong.li@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7978
Member Amar Abbott – Academic Senate Representative aabbott@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7977
Member Damon Bell – VP of Student Services dbell@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7810
Member Leslie Minor – VP Instruction lminor@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7871
Member Paul Blake – Academic Senate Representative pblake@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7736
Member Rafael Andrade – Classified Representative randrade@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7925
Member Sharyn Eveland – Academic Senate President seveland@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7866
Member Tina Mendoza – SLO Coordinator tmendoza@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7860
Member Todd Hampton, VP Administrative Services thampton@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7811
Member Vicki Jacobi, VP Academic Senate vjacobi@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7719
Secretary Brandy Young – Executive Assistant, Institutional Effectiveness byoung@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7944