Logging in

Logging in

Here you’ll learn how to log in to your committee page.

Step 1: Find your committee.

On the committee’s main page, and to the left of this text, you will see a list of all committees currently houses on the committee site.

Find your committee and click on it. This will take you to your committees home page.

Find your URL

Step 2: Identify your committee URL.

In your browser, towards the top of the box you should see a URL bar similar to the one pictured below. It will look something like http://committees.taftcollege.edu/the-name-of-your-committee-here

Your URL

Step 3: Add /wp-admin to the end of the URL in the URL bar.

Click in the bar and add “/wp-admin” to the end of the URL, without the quotes.

add wpadmin

Once you’ve added /wp-admin to the URL, press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

Step 4: Enter your username and password.

Enter your username and password into the text areas and click Login.