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The Career Technical Education (CTE) Committee is a sub-committee of the Taft College Academic Senate, is charged with making recommendations on the 10+1 areas of (4) educational program development, and (9) processes for program review, as related to career technical education. The committee serves as a resource in the development of CTE (1) curriculum including establishing prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines.

Role of the Career Technical Education Committee:

The Career Technical Education Committee, a standing committee of the Taft College Academic Senate:

  • Reports to the Academic Senate on issues and activities related to 10 +1 responsibilities;
  • Makes recommendations to the Curriculum and General Education Committee on curriculum and program needs as appropriate, and;
  • Interacts with other College stakeholders to ensure collegial consultation and to support participatory governance processes.

Areas of focus for the Committee include:

  • Recommendations for Program Review processes related to CTE data and decision-making processes;
  • Aggregation of input from Advisory Committees across CTE programs;
  • Development and evaluation of processes and practices for CTE program specific Advisory Committees;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and processes of advisory committee meetings;
  • Make recommendations to other Academic Senate committees, or college bodies as appropriate, about the sustainability of Career Technical Education programs as part of the evaluation process;
  • Present information and make recommendation to Division Chairs on new and replacement faculty positions;
  • Integrate and provide relevant CTE information to related committees and agencies about student, staff/faculty, community, District and program interests and performance;
  • Refer issues to other Academic Senate committees in accordance with the scope of each committee;
  • Respond to requests for action or recommendations from other committees of the College; and
  • Make recommendations to appropriate committee/division using annual program review findings.

Membership Representation:

 The Career Technical Education Committee consists of:

  • Chair: Academic Senate member appointed from the committee membership
  • Seven Academic Senate Members with a preference for Academic Senate representatives from each division with CTE programming
  • VP of Instruction or Designee (Non-Voting)

Resource representatives (non-voting, attendance not required but may be requested for some topics):

  • Representative from Admissions and Records
  • Representative from Counseling, preferably CTE-related
  • Articulation Officer
  • VP of Student Services or designee

CTE Meeting Agendas

Date Title
11/29/2021 2021_11_29 CTE Meeting
11/04/2021 2021_11_04 CTE Meeting
10/07/2021 2021_10_07 CTE Meeting
09/02/2021 2021_09_02 CTE meeting
02/04/2021 CTE 2021_2_04


Position Name email Phone Office
Member Becky Roth rroth@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7772 G 6a
Member Chris Flachmann cflachmann@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7858 SS 153
Member Dr. Leslie Minor lminor@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7871
Member Dr. Vicki Jacobi vjacobi@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7719 Lib 323
Member Kristi Richards krichards@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7813 SS 111
Chair Darcy Bogle dbogle@taftcollege.edu (661)-763-7889 SS 173